Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How to build hydroponics system with easy and simple step.

Thinking about how to build hydroponics system with easy and simple step ? Well, this article is perfectly for you. Given the fact that hydroponic systems are sometimes quite expensive, and very often they can only be ordered on the Internet, many people choose to build a hydroponics systems at home and experiment growing plants without soil. This may begin as a hobby that could turn into a life time occupation. Building your own plant growing independent system is not just simple, but it is also fun. Here are the basic instructions you need to follow in order to have a system applicable to water-loving plants.

In oder to start how to build hydroponics system you need a lightproof reservoir; this can either be a fish tank, a bin or a bucket. If it is transparent, you'll have to paint it black given the fact that light exposure stimulates algae growth. Once you've painted the reservoir, you'll have to draw a line or a sign of some kind to mark the maximum water level. Then you will need a floater - StyroFoam is ideal for such cases. The ideal reservoirs should have the same dimensions from top to bottom so that the floater fits better. Don't place it within the tank until you've made the holes for the net pots. This is useful steps you can learn how to build hydroponics

You are going to place the net pots on the floater, so, when you build a hydroponics system you have to trace the exact shape of the pots on the StyroFoam. Use a knife or a cutter to do so. Since air will have to enter the reservoir, don't forget to cut another little hole at one of the end of the floaters for the air line to run inside. Also keep in mind that plants mustn't be too close to each other.

On the contrary, you should leave enough space between them to make sure that there is enough light for them all. Next you have to fix the air line of the pump into the tank. When you choose the pump, consider the reservoir dimensions. Furthermore, the air line needs to be either on the bottom of the reservoir or in the middle, in such a way so as the oxygen bubbles would reach the plant roots. That is the best way how to build hydroponics system.


Top tips and recommendations

#When you build a hydroponics system at home there are some dos and don'ts you have to remember. Once you've filled the reservoir with the nutrient solution, you will need to keep constant watch over its level. Moreover, light sources are everything. If you grow your plants indoors and use artificial light, there are special types of lamps to be used depending on the growth period.

##For instance for accelerated growth you'd need High Intensity Discharge lamps, whereas for dense flowers High Pressure Sodium is the best solution. Should you turn hydroponics into a full time occupation, you'll have to think of more professional solutions when you build a hydroponics system. Good luck!

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