Thursday, 22 September 2011

Plant Species For Aquaponics Gardening System

We are regularly asked which plants or vegetables grow well in an aquaponics gardening system and it seems that a large amount herbs and vegetables adapt well to aquaponics gardening system. Of course a few plants won't do as well when using different techniques, media filled beds seem to be the most successful for growing a huge collection of plants, and you can grow just about anything.

We frequently hear people declare "But isn't aquaponics gardening only superior for leafy green plants?" This is a fallacy that has perpetuated for quite several time, but as you will observe from the list at the bottom of this page, aquaponics gardening system will grow just about anything. This Habanero chilli plant on the right grew a brilliant crop of super hot chillies, and a single tomato plant in a nearby grow bed produced well over 30 kg of tomatoes. a few other fruiting varieties that perform well are; eggplant ( aubergine ), capsicum ( bell peper ), bean, peas and many more.

Root Crops ?
What about root crops ? No problem, although you are almost certainly better off growing potatoes in the ground, they will still grow successfully in an aquaponic gardening system produce bed. Carrots are another great root crop in media beds, carrots harvested from grow beds have no sand on them and although you might wonder, how they raise in a bed filled with gravel they do a surprisingly high-quality job.

Beetroot are another winner, we grow a lot of fresh beetroot and they raise to a brilliant size if you let them go for extensive enough, the beetroot on the left was over 1kg.

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This is a list of plants that grew well with aquaponics gardening system :

Simpson's Curled ( Lettuce )
Oregon Sugar Pod ( Peas )
Bloomsdale Savoy ( Spinach )
White Bunching ( Onion )
Tomato ( Grosse Lisse )
Tomato ( Beefsteak )
Cucumber ( Lebanese )
Silver Beet ( Giant Fordhook )
Lettuce ( Cos )
Lettuce ( All seasons )
Basil ( Sweet green, purple, curly leaf and Thai )
Rainbow Chard
Parsley (Flat leaf and curly leaf)
Numerous tomato varieties (the only tomato variety that hasn't grown well was pineapple)
Yugoslavian watercress ( also known as Lebanese watercress or Bulgarian watercress )
Chives ( normal and garlic variety )
Chillies, many varieties, haven't found a variety that hasn't grown well yet
Kohl Rabi ( Purple vienna )
Cicoria Variegata
Snow peas
Egg plant ( Black beauty )
Capsicum ( Californian wonder, Yolo wonder, Long sweet yellow )
Bok Choy
Cucumber ( Burpless, Armenian )
Dwarf beans (Butter beans)

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