Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tips To Growing Lettuce Indoors With Aquaponics At Your Home

Thinking about growing lettuce indoors with aquaponics system at your home ? Well this article is perfectly for you.Many people are starting to learn that they can grow vegetables indoors. If people are growing indoor plants anyway, why not grow plants that produce vegetables? Not only is this a feasible way to grow food, it can also be easier than growing vegetables outside.

Since farming was invented thousands of years ago, the way people knew how to grow food was to strip the natural habitat off the land and start working the soil grow crops. This method is still being used today. Do we use this method because it is the best way to grow food? Maybe, but maybe it is because that is the way we know how, more like a habit.

Technology has created new ways to grow plants. One of them is becoming very popular and works wonderfully for growing vegetables indoors. This method is called aquaponics, and it is one of the easiest ways available for growing fresh organic vegetables. Now you will learn how to growing lettuce indoors with aquaponics system at your home.

Aquaponics is a way of using fish to help you grow your plants. Fish are very easy and can be enjoyable to raise. This is why aquariums are so popular in homes. One of the challenges with growing fish is keeping the water clean. Waste materials from the fish accumulate in the water and can eventually become toxic to fish. This is why aquariums have filters constantly running to keep the water clean. But it turns out, the fish wastes are just what the plants need for nutrients, and plants are excellent at filtering these materials out of the water.

With aquaponics, the nutrient rich fish water is circulated into the beds where the plants are growing. Or in some cases the plants are grown with their roots directly in the tank. The plants absorb the nutrients from the water, which returns to the fish tank cleaned. With this method, there is no need to water or fertilize your plants since they have all the water and nutrients they need. And no need to filter and condition the water for the fish since the plants do it for you.

This kind of system mostly takes care of itself. There is no need for digging or working the soil, since it does not use soil. No need for fertile land and very little water is used since the water is recirculated and nothing goes to waste. It's all organic with no chemical fertilizer to buy or add.

This type of system can grow all the vegetables you need, not only growing lettuce indoors with aquaponics system. It only takes a small space to grow a lot of food. Since this system gives plants constant supply of all the water and nutrients they need, they can produce spectacular results. Plus you get fish. You can grow tilapia or other food fish to eat, you can raise and sell fish for stocking ponds, aquariums or other aquaponics systems. Or just keep them as someone would with an aquarium.

Learn how to grow all the fresh vegetables and fish you can handle with this aquaponics guide. Learn how to set up a simple low cost aquaponics system and how to put it to work producing fresh organic food for you. More information visit Aquaponics4U.

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